Strength in Networks

A comparative analysis of six creative interventions designed for people diagnosed  with dementia across England and Wales

This report has been written as part of Dementia Connect funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Dementia Connect builds on the learning of the Creative Economy Knowledge Exchange Hubs (2012-2016) and aims to “grow a dementia innovation network” based in the North West of England. This report responds and builds on Dementia Connect’s belief that: “in making sense of complex artistic interventions and their context-dependent effects, an understanding of different aesthetic, social, cultural, and economic impacts may be relevant.”

It explores the different contexts which surrounding a very particular focus, beginning with a description of how one artist intervention working with people diagnosed with dementia came about in the North West (Drawing on Strengths). A wider scoping exercise then opens out with descriptions of five other examples of similar practice which also deploy creative interventions for people diagnosed with dementia, sited across the UK.

These six case studies were chosen with the aim of examining how different regional and national bodies - through different forms of partnership involving health and cultural organisations alike - are together attempting to meet the particular challenges posed for people in the crucial post-diagnostic period.