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Arts Council England has published a series of essays on the health benefits of the arts by authors including Andrew Marr and Jan Burkhardt.

The Care Quality Commission is conducting a survey into significant proposed changes to the way it inspects and monitors the provision of health and social care.

The London Voluntary Service Council has published a map showing the different models of social prescribing in London as part of a wider review of social prescribing.

An independent poll of older people found 75% found that culture was important to their happiness and 60% saw it as important in making them feel healthy.

The deadline for events to be included in this year’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week is 11 March 2016.

Arts Council England has launched a survey to try to better understand the experiences of disabled people working in arts and culture.

America’s National Endowment for the Arts has published a literature review of children’s early engagement with the arts which shows the strong relationship between this engagement and mental wellbeing through childhood.

Newly published research by the University of Western Australia has highlighted the positive link between participation in the arts and mental wellbeing.

Some £900m has been pledged to support community interventions in mental health focused on maternity services and adolescent eating disorders.

New guidance from NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommends that the NHS should provide opportunities for older people to engage in creative group activities in order to support independence and mental well