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The 2015 Big Draw has launched with the theme this year of Every Drawing Tells a Story.

PRN Magazine is a new publication for nurses exploring culture, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Live Music Now has announced a new initiative to explore the potential to create a choir in every care home.

Arts Council England has published an analysis of the different political party manifestos. The review looks at each party’s commitments and promises to the arts sector.

The DCMS has produced two major reviews of the evidence for arts impacting on health and wellbeing.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiative Art Works which, over the past four years, has explored the issues facing artists working in participatory settings has published a set of final reports.

Charity Relate has launched a campaign to place relationships at the heart of the NHS to improve health and wellbeing.

Recent research in America has confirmed the value of arts instruction as a tool in medical education, specifically in nurse training.

Think-tank the King’s Fund has published a series of short info-graphic guides to the NHS.

New research indicates that people who participate in arts and craft activities in middle and old age may delay the development in very old age of the cognitive problems that often lead to dementia.

New research published by Arts Council England has found a link between libraries and wellbeing and between library use and good health.

Thank you to everyone who submitted events for inclusion in Creativity and Wellbeing Week and Creativity and Wellbeing Plus.