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Arts Council guidance on diversity

Arts Council England has issued a warning to arts organisations that their funding will be affected if they fail to act on diversity.

The warning follows the publication of a new literature and evidence review into diversity in arts and culture. The report establishes a baseline of data, evidence and research about equality and diversity across the arts and cultural sector. It offers a snapshot of current trends and challenges across four key themes: arts and cultural audiences, arts and cultural participation, workforce, and access to finance.

Arts Council promotes role of arts in health

Arts Council England has published a new document outlining the benefits of the arts. Create: A journal of perspectives on the value of art and culture includes an essay by John Ashton, President of the Faculty of Public Health who argues that wellbeing and the arts are inextricably linked.

Hard Facts to Swallow

A group of independent authors have assessed Arts Council spending and concluded that funding is still biased towards large organisations and skewed towards London over regional arts activity.

Arts Council research programme

Arts Council England is planning the launch of a £3m research grants programme to build and improve the evidence base around the value, impacts and benefits of arts and culture. From next April, ACE will invite research proposals to develop the evidence base for the impact of arts and culture.

Arts Council funding plans

Arts Council England has announced its National Portfolio Organisations for the period 2015-18.

The full list of organisations and tools to search the portfolio are available on the ACE website.


Evidence review of social impact of libraries

A new review of the social and economic impact of libraries and literacy points to the health benefits of reading, literacy and library use. The Arts Council evidence review assesses the social, economic and educational benefits of libraries to society. While noting the patchy nature of research into libraries and health, the research demonstrates clear links between reading programmes, literature interventions designed to promote healthy lifestyles and the cost benefits of partnerships between healthcare providers and libraries.

ACE Chair on the value of culture

Arts Council Chairman, Peter Bazalgette, has published an article highlighting the role the arts play in society and focusing on the health, wellbeing and educational benefits of culture. The article for The Observer describes the “inherent, life-enhancing value” of culture… “Although the arts do not pretend to be a frontline health service, we're coming to understand how they can function very effectively in a complementary role.”

Arts Council stakeholder research

Arts Council England has published research into its activity designed to demonstrate the ways in which it engages with the public and responds to Government. The research suggests that while the Arts Council is still bureaucratic it is improving the ways in which it makes the case for the arts and responds to artists and practitioners.


Research enquiry

The National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing and the UK Arts and Health Research Network have responded to the Arts Council Cultural Value report -, by calling for additional evidence which supports the impact of the arts on health. Both organisations have been in contact with the Arts Council about the limited scope of the published report.

Arts Council review of cultural value

Arts Council England has published an examination of the impact arts and culture has on the economy, health, wellbeing, society and education. The review highlights existing research into the benefits of the arts on health and education while also highlighting areas for further research. As a result of the review, the Arts Council has committed to establishing substantial research grants to cover those areas where there is a lack of data – for example, longitudinal studies of the health benefits of participation in arts and culture.


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