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Join Voluntary Arts' Big Conversation 2017

Take part in the the first in a new annual series of consultations to gauge the scale, mood, ambitions and needs of the voluntary arts sector. VA would like to hear from those who organise, or regularly participate in creative activities; and those who would like to.

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Museums and wellbeing survey

The National Alliance for Museums, Health and Wellbeing is conducting a second sector-wide survey to provide information about the ongoing development of health and wellbeing work in museum. The survey will inform the future of the Alliance as preparations develop for its merger with the National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing in 2018.

Movements of Care – deadline 2 August 2017

Katherine Hall, a dance artist based in Bristol, is seeking contributions for a new publication collating a list of ‘movements of care’ or physical actions designed to deliver care.

The publication will seek to understand further the physical choreographies that occur when a person is caring for someone or something. “A movement of care is a physical action that is performed to give care to someone or something or performed to receive care from someone or yourself. A movement of care is often repeated daily but can also be performed less often or with spontaneity.”

Staff shortages may lead to nurses strike

The Royal College of Nursing has revealed that four out of five members of the RCN who took part in a consultative vote at the union's annual conference backed a walkout, while nine out of 10 favoured industrial action short of a strike. A further ballot would have to be held before any industrial action is taken. Nurses say they have experienced a 14% pay cut in real terms since 2010 because of the government’s cap on public sector pay.

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Schools Minister calls on music hubs to tackle disadvantage

Following a Department for Education (DfE) review of England’s network of 121 music hubs over the past year, Schools Minister Nick Gibb has called for progress in engaging students facing disadvantage, or tackling special educational needs. Gibb has made it clear, however, that no more funding will be allocated until at least 2020.

What is an expert? Wellcome Trust online debate

Wellcome Trust is addressing recent critiques of the role of experts through a debate exploring the role of expertise in research, policy making and wider society. The debate will run on Wellcome's Facebook and Twitter channels (#expertdebate) in collaboration with partners during early May.

The Trust is aiming to get a wide range of opinions to see what researchers really think about the issue.


Welsh arts and health mapping exercise to inform future practice

Arts Council Wales is conducting a survey of existing arts and health activity to inform its approach to health and wellbeing in the future. The survey will detail the nature, scope and logistics of recent, current and future arts and health project. ACW is also inviting responses from those with a professional interest in arts and health, but who do not have a specific project to report on.

New alliance of research funders to push for disease prevention

The UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) includes the Wellcome Trust, Research Councils, and the Department of Health, and is seeking sustainable and cost-effective ways of improving UK population health and reducing health inequalities by preventing non-communicable diseases. A funding call will follow later in 2017.

UKPRP is inviting expressions of interest to attend the UKPRP Networking and Collaboration event.

Public satisfaction with NHS at odds with pressures on services

Public satisfaction with the NHS remains high, despite pressures on services, according to a survey of 3,000 people conducted as part of the National Centre for Social Research’s British Social Attitudes (BSA) between July and October 2016.

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Gallery design should respond to sensory disorders

The "Autism Matters" report, based on work with almost 50 families, suggests that softer lighting and chill-out spaces would make galleries more accessible to people with austism spectrum disorder (ASD) and sensory processing disorder (SPD). Its author, Beth Davis-Hofbauer, says these changes would "tackle a form of unseen segregation".

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