Surveys and consultations

King's calls on sector to share evidence

As the first stage in its Cultural Enquiry into the value of partnerships, Culture at King’s is calling for examples of cultural partnerships.

The Enquiry aims to articulate the benefits of partnership working and the potential it offers for both greater public engagement and value for money for arts and culture. A questionnaire has been created to help provide a snapshot of how partnerships have been managed and sustained in the UK cultural sector in 2014.

Arts Alliance new name

The Arts Alliance has changed its name to the National Alliance for Arts in Criminal Justice, The organization has also launched a survey to track activity and experiences of the arts and criminal justice sector.

Completed surveys will inform the organisation’s activity and support for the wider arts and criminal justice sector. Click here to complete the survey.

International wellbeing index

The largest ever international survey of wellbeing has found that people from Latin America report the greatest wellbeing whilst those from sub-Saharan Africa are the least likely to be thriving.

King's to track public attitudes to culture

King’s College London has launched a public tracking study which will act as a barometer for attitudes to culture in the UK, initial findings indicate 59% of people attend a cultural event at least once per year.

Critical Spaces Survey - A Critical Catalyst for Socially-Engaged Art – deadline 19 September 2014

Critical Spaces is a new and free web-based platform for socially-engaged artists, which is expected to launch in Autumn 2014. It has been designed by artists, for artists.

17 workshops have been held across the UK to research and develop this platform. This survey is your opportunity to support the fine-tuning of Critical Spaces and to pre-register for the beta launch.

Gallery visits at highest level

New data from the quarterly Taking Part survey show that more than half of adults in England (53%) had visited a museum or gallery in the last year, maintaining the high reached in 2012/13 and greater than in any previous year.

78% of adults had attended or participated in the arts while 73% of adults had visited a heritage site.

Long-term analysis of arts in health

The results of a six-month research programme to evaluate the long-term relationship between arts participation and physical/psychological health have been published.

Care Act consultation

The Department of Health is running a consultation on the measures to implement the 2014 Care Act.

The guidance and regulations associated with the Care Act set out how the Act will work in practice. They will be implemented over the next eighteen months and this consultation is an opportunity to comment on the guidance and regulations for different parts of the Care Act. Comments will be used to clarify and improve the guidance and regulations. The consultation is open until 15 August 2014

Amending the London plan – 15 March 2014

A consultation event is being mounted to allow community organisations to contribute to the strategic vision for London. The Greater London Authority is currently consulting on a series of amendments to the London Plan – with the deadline for comments on 10th April 2014. The plan is the key overall strategic plan for the London, including the Mayor’s responsibilities to health and culture. On Saturday 15th March Just Space is hosting a full-day event with community speakers and topic based workshops.

Challenging health inequalities

Public Health England is launching a national consultation about health inequalities to gain an insight into public attitudes to health and wellbeing. The consultation is designed to assess different attitudes nationally and attempt to find ways of tackling health inequalities. The consultation includes public events and workshops to explore local solutions that may help to mitigate inequalities and this knowledge will be collated for dissemination via a number of means both locally and nationally.


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