National Arts Creative and Cultural Education Survey findings released

The Bridge England Network has published a summary of findings from the National School Survey it initiated in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The aim of the survey was to establish how Bridges and the cultural sector could offer ongoing support to schools and their pupils as they enter the new school year.

Key findings include:

  • In the course of home learning, learning that incorporated authentic, creative project-based experiences was most effective. Increased family engagement in learning was evident, with arts being particularly popular.
  • For the majority of schools, the first part of the spring term will be the earliest time for offsite visits and visitors into schools.
  • Creativity across the curriculum, arts to support spiritual, moral social and cultural education and personal, social, health and economic education, and digital skills were identified to be top training needs.
  • Survey respondents sought help in navigating digital offerings and platforms to maximise the effectiveness of remote learning and access to arts and cultural practitioners to enhance curriculum delivery.
  • Curated creative learning resources were identified as the most useful, especially if linked to bridging learning gaps.
  • Live online sessions were welcomed as part of customised partnerships, with recorded sessions offering greater flexibility.
  • The most important learning highlighted was pupil wellbeing.

Read the report in full.