MPs call for mental wellbeing to be prioritised

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health has carried out an inquiry into ‘parity of esteem’, to assess how the Government is meeting its objective to give mental health equal priority to physical health. The report criticised the failure to prioritise mental health promotion and prevention in public health strategies: currently, only 1.4% of public health spending is allocated to mental health.

The APPG focused on three areas in its inquiry:

Reducing premature mortality for people with mental health problems

Improving the quality of mental health emergency care

Mental wellbeing as a public health priority

The APPG found that although progress has been made in some areas, there is still a long way to go before parity is achieved. In particular, their report calls for an independent review as to how both the NHS and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are being held to account on parity. It also makes recommendations in each of the three areas above.