Have your say on social prescribing

We want to find out what cultural organisations need to know about social prescribing in London. Are you an organisation or freelancer working in arts, health and wellbeing wishing to access funding to get more involved in social prescribing activities? Or maybe you already deliver projects and want to share your views? Are you a medical professional wishing to get involved in a greater range of social prescribing activities? Or a link worker looking for cultural organisations in your area to be involved in the delivery of social prescribing projects? Whatever your experiences, we want to hear.

Take part in our surveys to share your ideas and thoughts about social prescribing. It should only take around 5-10 minutes to complete, and includes a mix of answers to choose from, as well as lots of opportunities for you to tell us how you are feeling.

If you are an organisation or freelancer working in arts, health and wellbeing, please fill in the survey here.

If you are a medical professional, please fill in the survey here and sign up to be part of an open forum Zoom event, where members can feedback the questions they would like more information on.