Creativity and Wellbeing Plus

Creativity and Wellbeing Plus is a new initiative jointly developed by London Arts in Health Forum and the National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing. It aims to build on the success of London Creativity and Wellbeing Week by offering events to showcase the breadth and excellence of arts in health activity from right across England.

LAHF is co-ordinating Creativity and Wellbeing Week and is delighted to be collaborating with the National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing to deliver Creativity and Wellbeing Plus. Partners from across the country will be delivering events and arts in health organisations and practitioners are now also invited to submit their own events to be part of Creativity and Wellbeing Plus. It is easy to submit events – simply visit where you can upload details of events you would like listed in Creativity and Wellbeing Plus. You will find more information about previous events and the criteria for involvement.

Creativity and Wellbeing Plus is a real opportunity for the arts in health community across the country to come together and collaborate to make an impact as great as the sum of our parts. Involvement in Creativity and Wellbeing Plus is a chance to reach a new audience, connect with fellow practitioners and join in a collective shout about how the arts can positively benefit health and wellbeing.

Creativity and Wellbeing Week runs from 2nd June. Events listed in Creativity and Wellbeing Plus will be highlighted online and in the overall press campaign for the Week and will also be promoted to participating organisations, the public and commissioners and policy-makers.

2014 will be see the third Creativity and Wellbeing Week. Last year, over 15,000 people attended more than 70 events across London. These included performances, talks, tours and workshops. The Week provides a great way to focus the huge range of work which is happening all the time bringing together health, the arts, creativity and wellbeing. Events happened in hospitals, care homes, theatres, galleries and community centres. Some were open to the public, others were designed just for arts in health practitioners, some charged, most were free. Some were listings of exhibitions which were running during the Week and others were one-off events, specially organised to coincide with the Week. And some events were just opportunities for like-minded people to get together and explore the different ways that creativity can impact on wellbeing. Here is how Time Out covered last year’s Week: w: