The Gathering Light, the Street Gallery, UCH - 4 May to 27 June

An exhibition of photographs which are the result of a project in which patients and clinical researchers worked together with photographer Clare Park to explore their feelings about clinical research.

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist – 4 May to 7 October

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

An exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s pioneering studies of the human body. He intended to publish his ground-breaking work in a treatise on anatomy, and had he done so his discoveries would have transformed European knowledge of the subject. But on Leonardo’s death in 1519 the drawings remained a mass of undigested material among his private papers and their significance was effectively lost to the world for almost 400 years. Today they are among the Royal Collection’s greatest treasures.

Colour Burst at Orleans House Gallery – until 10 June

Art & Soul celebrates mental and emotional wellbeing through the visual arts, poetry and sculpture. This year's exhibition entitled 'Colour Burst' includes over 200 artworks and a collaborative dream catcher installation designed by www.collective-arts.org.

w: www.richmond.gov.uk/home/leisure_and_culture/arts/the_stables_gallery/ar...

William Utermohlen (1933-2007) Retrospective, GV Art – 20 April to 26 May

In 1995, William Utermohlen was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

His last self-portraits are considered to be unique artistic and medical documents which portray a man doomed, yet fighting to preserve his identity in the face of an implacable illness. This retrospective exhibition at GV Art brings together, for the first time in London, early works from 1965 to the artist's last poignant pencil drawings of 2000.

BETWEEN, King’s Cultural Institute – 19 April to 30 June

A new exhibition that explores how personal identity has become embodied in a new landscape of anatomical imagery is opening in the Inigo Rooms, part of the King’s Cultural Institute at King’s College London.

BETWEEN seeks to celebrate the richness of such scientific research and presents works which collectively challenge technology’s entitlement to mediate form.

Faces of Health, Free Space Gallery – 5 April to 4 June

An exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by David Harker.

David Harker conceived the project of drawing and painting staff at the Kentish Town Health Centre in late summer 2011 and since last October he has been regularly visiting the Centre to photograph members of staff for this project. With these visual pieces of information as well as his recollections of each visit he returned to his studio to produce a series of line drawings and also paintings.

'Re-framing disability', St Pancras Hospital – 12 April to 30 May

This exhibition explores a group of rare portraits from the 17th to the 19th Centuries, held by the Royal College of Physicians. The portraits depict disabled men and women of all ages and walks of life, many of whom earned a living exhibiting themselves to the public.

Dead People on Holiday, London – 12 April to 29 June

An exhibition by Stephen Jackson, which takes its cue from a book of the same title. “The living”, it has been said, “are dead people on holiday”.

The exhibition coincides with the release of an already published book in ebook form in mid-April w: www.amazon.co.uk/Dead-People-Holiday-Stephen-Jackson/dp/1450039685/ref=s...

‘Green Chain Captured 2012’ Exhibition of Photographs – 23 May to 2 September

Elixir Gallery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich

Verve Arts presents its second ‘Green Chain Captured’ exhibition, in partnership with the Green Chain. Residents in the Trust area were invited to submit photographs taken along the Green Chain route which passes through the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Thirty selected photographs are on display this summer in Elixir Gallery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich.

Creative Health Lab Exhibition – 24 March to 4 April

Creative Health Lab (CHL), a Camden NHS funded project delivering a wide range of arts and health activities, is coming to an end at the end of March after three years. During that time it has worked with a wide range of people in the community including those with mental/physical conditions, low/unwaged individuals and people suffering from stress and social isolation.


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