Objects of Meaning & Importance, UCLH – 27 February-26 March 2020

An exhibition exploring the relationship between objects and those who have been diagnosed with cancer

The Texture of Air, Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals – from 10 February 2020

On the Record and ScreenDeep are launching a permanent public art exhibition in UCLH's new hospital. It marks the end of a three-year research project documenting the move of the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear, and Eastman Dental Hospitals, involving several artists of international calibre.

Further information can be found here.


Illuminating the Self, Newcastle – until 9 May 2020

Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie investigate the human perspective of living with epilepsy and the potential impact of technological interventions within the brain. Across two galleries (Vane Gallery 15 January-29 February and Hatton Gallery 17 January-9 May), both artists use a range of techniques from traditional printmaking to large-scale video and sculptural installations. The exhibition has been made in collaboration with the Newcastle University-led CANDO project which is developing a new light-based therapy for focal epilepsy.

Mother, Ort Gallery – 1 February-14 March 2020

Ort Gallery presents Mother, a joint exhibition by Antonia Attwood and Daniel Regan of their separate practices. What unites the multimedia installations is the desire to speak about taboo subjects such as grief, mental illness and the shame that accompanies these experiences. The artists share their own and others’ vulnerable states and emotions. The exhibition is curated by Josephine Reichert, Artistic Director of Ort Gallery in collaboration with the artists and is supported by Arts Council England.

Community Trust Art Exhibition, Inclusion Arts – 13-21 December 2019

Stockwell Park Community Trust will host an exhibition created from art workshops facilitated by Jason Gibilaro at the Community Trust 2019

Heads up! Shining a light on innovations in oral health, Kings College – 2-13 December 2019

This exhibition in the Arcade at Bush House is the culmination of the Arts in Dentistry Innovation Programme

Your Mental Health Story, 65 Curzon Street – 26 October 2019

Centric Projects and Mala Vadgama are hosting a free photographic exhibition event with performances from spoken word poets, artists, singers, mindfulness coaches and counsellors from the BAME community. 

Every Body is an Archive, Free Space Project – to 29 November 2019

Liz Orton’s project explores the bounds of medical imaging data, entangling the biological, digital and social body.

Let's Figure it Out, Manchester – 8-11 October 2019

Staff and service users of the Recovery Pathways service from Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust are launching the exhibition Let’s Figure it Out at the People's History Museum.

Under the skin: Anatomy, art and identity, Royal College of Physicians – 10 October 2019 to 2 April 2020

Peeling back the surface of existence to reveal what lies under the skin. An exhibition exploring the unsettling beauty of the human body from the medieval age to the contemporary world.



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