Seeing Sound – 24 May to 21 July 2021

Seeing Sound brings together a partnership between The British Library, the

Unseen by Suzie Larke – till 16 April 2021

The Free Space Project’s exhibition features the work of visual artist and photographer Susie Larke. Suzie uses conceptual photography to depict the mental health experiences of a group of participants. Unseen aims to help people find a visual language through conceptual photography, helping them express their inner experiences in an empowering and engaging way. It also aims to increase awareness and conversation about mental wellbeing, and unite us in the knowledge that everyone experiences – and can overcome – struggle.

Life on a Spectrum – from 20 October 2020

‘Life on a Spectrum’ is an interactive virtual exhibition by Mahlia Amatina, commissioned by The Free Space Project, going live online on 20 October. After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2015, Mahlia was inspired to share the unique sensory experiences of life on the autism spectrum through her art. Join Mahlia and gallerist Jennifer Gilbert, of the Jennifer Lauren Gallery, for a wider discussion about Mahlia’s work on Thursday 22 October, 6-7pm. 

On a scale from 1 to 10, Free Space Project – until 12 October 2020

This virtual exhibition explores the representation of physical pain through a series of photographs, videos and interviews informed by personal experience. Artist Liliana Zaharia worked in collaboration with psychotherapist Irina Petreanu to draw on the experience of pain in order to explore a variety of means of expression.

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Colour in Motion, Addenbrooke’s Hospital – until 1 September 2021

British artist Ian Davenport is exhibiting a collection of prints and paintings at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The exhibition is a collaboration between Paintings in Hospitals, the Jerwood Collection, and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and has been specifically designed for Addenbrooke’s rehabilitation gymnasiums, to enhance the physiotherapy environment with art that evokes movement and energy.

Age of Creativity collection of events and resources – ongoing

The Age of Creativity Festival may be postponed until October, but the team have pulled together a compendium of free creative online events, including those suitable for people in a care home setting or those living with dementia. Virtually tour the world's best museums, take a dance class, join a choir, watch quality theatre productions, or stretch your brain with a short university course.

Further information can be found here


When We Paused – ongoing

This collaborative online exhibition by Collective Arts explores where we find solace and meaning as we negotiate this unprecedented moment in history. Contributors are welcome to upload their photographs, artwork and writing as part of this collective, visual time capsule.

Proceeds from this event will support front-line mental health and wellbeing programmes.

Further information can be found here.


A Space to be You, Headway Milton Keynes and Sophie Bennett – until 29 March 2020

This exhibition showcases a selection of recent works by artists who attend Headway Milton Keynes, a charity supporting adults who have an acquired brain injury. It demonstrates a range of both individual and collaborative practices and gives a platform to a diverse group of artists.

Monochromatic Minds: Lines of Revelation at Candid Arts Trust – until 4 March

The Jennifer Lauren Gallery presents the largest ever exhibition of self-taught, disabled and outsider artists from around the world, featuring black and white art through a variety of mediums including drawing, ceramics and textiles. A BSL tour is taking place on Saturday 29 February from 3-4pm and an artist talk is taking place on Sunday 2 March 2-4pm. A ceramics workshop with Terence Wilde, an exhibiting artist, takes place on Wednesday 4 March 6:30-8pm.

Further information can be found here.


Through Practice, Ortus – until 10 April 2020

Through Practice brings together a group of artists and organisations who are all part of the Bethlem Gallery’s Mental Health and Justice public engagement project. This exhibition at Ortus provides a platform for the diverse range of art-making projects and practices that are developing alongside the academic research into Mental Health and the Law.

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