Why Museums Matter for Mental Health – 5 April 2019

Where: Holburne Museum, Bath

Online booking at: www.holburne.org/events/symposium-why-museums-matter-for-mental-health/

Bringing together specialists from arts, heritage and health sectors, this cross sector learning event will talk about the benefits, challenges and outcomes of working together on Health and Heritage projects which use creativity to promote mental health and wellbeing.

As well as keynote speakers from the heritage and health fields, the Holburne and its Bath museum partners will be sharing learning from its 3-year Pathways to Wellbeing programme and will focus on how Museums can act as inclusive, therapeutic spaces, inspiring creativity to promote mental health and wellbeing.

This event is programmed to complement the Holburne's new exhibition Why Museums Matter (7 Feb - 22 April 2019), which celebrates the artwork of over 20 people with lived experience of mental health issues, social isolation or homelessness who have engaged with our Pathways to Wellbeing programme over the last 3 years. The programme offers free, supported, museum-based art groups for vulnerable adults who are referred through mental health and support organisations. This exhibition shows how objects from the Holburne’s collection have provided creative inspiration for a wide range of people, giving an insight into the connection between creativity and wellbeing.