WHO project aims for large-scale integration of arts and culture within healthcare sector

WHO/Europe and the Nordic Culture Fund are partnering up to explore effective and sustainable strategies for integrating arts and culture into the wider healthcare sector. Led by WHO/Europe’s flagship unit on behavioural and cultural insights for health, the project will bring together academics, artists, cultural institutions, healthcare practitioners and policymakers from different countries.

Through implementing an arts-based health intervention in Denmark and Romania, the research aims to identify good practices for the implementation of effective and sustainable arts and health interventions, while evaluating the impact on the local population.

WHO plans to develop guidance on how to integrate arts and health into the wider health system and make these interventions more accessible to Member States across the WHO European Region.

Nino Berdzuli, Director of the Division of Country Health Programmes at WHO/Europe, says:

“The project is an exciting and ambitious step forward. Engaging with the arts is good for you and can tangibly improve lives. While there is increasingly robust research that shows the arts can have a demonstrable impact on health, we still know little about how to implement these interventions at scale and in different cultural contexts. This project is an excellent opportunity to explore these questions further.”

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