Who’s Who Guide to the Health Service

Regional Voices, which works to champion the role of voluntary and community organisations to improve health, wellbeing and care across England, has produced a Who’s Who guide to the key people working in health, wellbeing and care in each region.  The guides include relevant people from clinical commissioning groups, health and wellbeing boards, Care Quality Commission, NHS England area teams, commissioning support units and local Healthwatch. 

The guides come with a disclaimer that this is an ever evolving area- and they will be updated periodically as they become aware of changes. The London guide, produced by LVSC is available at w: http://www.lvsc.org.uk/policy-areas/health/who-is-who-guide-for-london.aspx?dm_i=6HX,1QQDU,5BILGJ,67DTB,1