Be Creative Be Well Evaluation published

Over three and a half years, the Well London programme empowered some of the capital’s most deprived communities to take a proactive role in enhancing their health and wellbeing.

“Keeping Your Spirits Up” by Sarah Dale

Including a chapter about the arts and mental health this book offers strategies for maintaining optimism and energy in the face of big challenges.

Making Music, Music and Wellbeing Resources

A range of links, resources and presentations from Making Music’s recent conference on the theme of Music and Wellbeing are now available.

Getting the measure of children’s wellbeing

New Philanthropy Capital has developed a tool to find out just how happy our children are, and to help charities work out how to make them even happier.

Commissioning for wellbeing and population mental health

A leadership briefing for the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector from the National Mental Health Development Unit.

How to…promote mental wellbeing

This resource has been designed for people and agencies wanting to actively promote and improve the mental wellbeing of their community.

Arts and Wellbeing: Recent Developments, Future Challenges, RSPH – 9 February 2012

A one day conference examining the achievements of arts and health collaborations to date and looking forward to new challenges and opportunities. Speakers will look at the growing evidence-base for the value of involvement in creative activity for wellbeing and health while examining current projects from leading arts for health practitioners.

Early bird discount – 10% off for bookings made by 21 October.


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