Dance and Parkinson’s

A new research study into the mark Morris Group’s Brooklyn Dance for PD programme has found that participants experienced significant improvement in overall movement, particularly walking.

The participative arts for people living with a dementia: a critical review

A review contextualising the role participatory arts play for people living with dementia and provides an overview of some of the art forms that are most widely used, from storytelling to signing to museums.

Arts and Aging

A systematic review of the impact of community based arts interventions on cognition in people with dementia has been published in the journal of Aging and Mental Health.

A Right Old Song and Dance

Dorset County Hospital has published an evaluation of a project which brought a storyteller and a musician together with patients with dementia.

On Music and Dementia

While the Music Lasts is a new book by Rineke Smilde, Kate Page and Peter Alheit exploring the interaction between music and dementia.

Sustaining the Note of Hope

A report from the Music and Dementia seminar hosted by The Rayne Foundation and the National Alliance for Arts and Health has now been published. The report includes case studies and recommendations for implementing music activities with and for people with a diagnosis of dementia.

Musical singing and dementia

A new study has found that patients with dementia who spend time singing songs from the musicals experience a boost in their cognitive function.

Reawakening the Mind, London Arts Challenge 2012-13 evaluation results

Reawakening the Mind brings together research undertaken as part of Arts4Dementia’s pilot, London Arts Challenge (LAC) which was awarded the London 2012’s Inspire mark.


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