Student Knowledge Exchange project: Festival Week – 21 to 28 June 2021

The festival’s events will be centred around the individual programmes undertaken as part of the broader Innovating Knowledge Exchange: Student Involvement in Delivering Better Patient Experience in the NHS project jointly funded by Research England and the Office for Students.

These include: 

  • Monday: ‘Your Story, Your Way’, a storytelling project.
  • Tuesday: ‘Wonderland’, an Alice in Wonderland-inspired performance/film, delivered by MA students.
  • Wednesday: ‘Auchi Street’ and ‘Auchi Street/Intergen fusion’, a filmmaking project, and film premiere. The fusion project was also created with an intergenerational aspect with Year 9 pupils involved. 
  • Thursday: ‘Wonder VR’, a Virtual Reality project.
  • Friday: ‘Life in Lyrics’ and ‘Hear Me Out’, a songwriting project, and a podcast creation. 

On each day there are two sessions: 

  • Event 1, Interactive Facilitator Training 10am to 11:30am: a public skill-sharing workshop; a facilitator-training for Zoom (20 participants max). Please note that ‘Wonderland’ will not be delivering this training session.
  • Event 2, Creative Showcase 2pm to 3pm: A sharing of the creative artefacts including two film premieres, original songs, videos, and stories co-written and produced by students, patients, and residents. Please note that ‘Auchi Street’ and ‘Auchi Street/Intergen fusion’, and the ‘Life in Lyrics’ and ‘Hear Me Out’ projects will end at 3:30pm.

On Monday 28, 10 to 11.30am the festival team is running a stand-alone session called: ‘Dementia Friendly Facilitation Training’. This is an interactive training session offering practical advice on delivering dementia-friendly arts projects.

Further information and booking links can be found here