Streetwise Opera to give homeless performers a platform in the Olympics at the Royal Opera House

Streetwise Opera will be presenting an Open Mic event called With One Voice on 2 July 2012 during the London 2012 Festival to showcase the skills of 200 performers who have experienced homelessness from all over the UK and abroad.

With One Voice will be hosted by the Royal Opera House in the Paul Hamlyn Hall in partnership with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Homeless Link. The evening will culminate in all performers and the audience coming together to sing a newly-commissioned work by composer Gavin Bryars.

This will be the first time in Olympic history that homeless people have been given an official platform.

Arts groups who work with homeless people such as Cardboard Citizens, the Choir with No Name, Open Cinema and Streetwise Opera will take 5-10 minute slots throughout the day to sing, present drama work, poetry and to screen films. Newer homeless choirs, theatre groups as well as solo singers, poets and instrumentalists from around the UK will also be given the opportunity to perform. Expressions of interest should be registered here and the official selection process will be announced in December.