'Safe', New Diorama Theatre, Camden – 15-18 March 2017

Spare Tyre presents 'Safe': Take risk away, and what’s left?

Venue: New Diorama Theatre, Camden

Dates: Wednesday 15-Saturday 18 March 2017

Marking Spare Tyre’s 40th birthday celebrations, 'Safe' is a satire from Eastenders writer Pete Lawson, performed by the Spare Tyre Artists – a diverse cast of older people and people with learning disabilities.

The show follows a theatre company as they attempt to stage a play around the interruption of a Health & Safety Officer. "In a climate that thrives on box-ticking, risk-assessing and safeguarding, we desperately try to create a ‘safe’ environment. But have we stopped listening to the people we’re trying to protect?"

Spare Tyre was formed in March 1977, originally with a feminist agenda. Spare Tyre’s first production was a response to Susie Orbach’s Fat is a Feminist Issue.

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