RSPH Awards

The 7th annual Royal Society of Public Health Arts and Health Awards have been announced with Islington’s Claremont Project winning the Project Award and Music for Life winning the Research Award.

The Awards recognise creative arts initiatives which impact on health and wellbeing and this year’s focus was on the value of creative arts for older people both in the community and health and social care settings.

Claremont Project geared itself towards addressing loneliness, depression and mental health and wellbeing supporting older people by developing a programme centred on creative arts activities. Their success is evident through the many older people who have become part of the Claremont experience – membership has grown from 12 members in 2002 to over 1,200 members today.

The Music for Life Project, funded by the UK Research Councils’ New Dynamics of Ageing Programme (NDA), is a major research study concerned with the contribution of creative music-making in promoting the health and wellbeing of older people. The research has made a significant contribution to the evidence supporting the impact of music-making, in social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing, offering a compassionate, creative and cost effective response to loneliness and depression in later life