Rotherham MBC (Arts & Health) launches arts and mental health action research project

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, in partnership with the Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust is launching a research initiative into the impact of an arts project which is currently being run within a secure mental health unit and on a mental health ward.

The project will aim to utilise statistical analysis to explore the potential benefits of offering focused arts activities to those with acute mental health issues. Do the tested activities result in immediate enhancements of confidence and self esteem? Do the tested activities result in longer term enhancements of self esteem and confidence and does participation in such activities effect patents outcomes and treatments pathways?

 The project will run for 2 years 2011-2013, for more information contact Rhiannon Lister-Coburn, Arts & Health Officer Rotherham MBC


t: 01709 823637.