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In this section you will find all the research, guidelines, data and resources that we have included in the LAHF newsletter. You can filter these by type of resource, or by theme using the tags on the right hand side of this page.

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London Poverty Profile 2011

The latest London Poverty Profile 2011 commissioned by Trust for London and conducted by the New Policy Institute has been published.

The key findings include:

Assessment of the impact of arts on learning

The Cultural Learning Alliance has published key findings demonstrating the impact of the arts on the social and educational achievements of children and young people. Amongst the findings, based on a review of all available large-scale English language data including from the US, are:

Arts Council England launches strategic funding and 2011-15 plan

Arts Council England has published details of how it will invest £440 million of strategic funding between 2012 and 2015, including two new programmes for Capital and Touring.

London Poverty Profile

The latest London Poverty Profile 2011 commissioned by Trust for London and conducted by the New Policy Institute has been published.

The key findings include:

AQ Launches Findings from 4th Recession Impacts Survey

452 arts organisations of all scales, regions and art forms took part in this year's survey, the fourth of its kind to be conducted by AQ since the start of the recession in 2008.

Key Findings:
◆  A majority of respondents reporting that they will be unlikely to recover losses in public sector funding from other sources until at least 2015. 

Code of Good Governance for smaller organisations

‘Good Governance – a code for the voluntary and community sector: smaller organisation version’ was launched during Trustees Week, to provides a framework for smaller organisations to govern in a way that is appropriate to their size.

This version of the code has been written to meet the needs of smaller organisations without staff.

Social isolation among older Londoners

A new publication from the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Older people living in cities are at a greater risk of social isolation, and London’s complex service infrastructure and high levels of population churn present a unique context. The paper explores the scale and nature of social exclusion among older people, and identifies ways it can be reduced.

Business models in the visual arts

Arts Council England and the Turning Point Network have just published this report by Susan Royce on sustainable business models in the visual arts. It is designed to help arts organisations respond to the current, challenging economic environment and to generate debate about different approaches and new ideas to making arts organisations more resilient.

Unlocking value: The economic benefit of the arts in criminal justice

A new report published by NPC, by Hanna Johnson, Sarah Keen & David Pritchard. The criminal justice sector in particular is often targets-driven, and arts charities working with prisoners and ex-offenders are under increasing pressure to provide evidence of their impact.

A fair share - direct funding for individual artists from UK arts councils

A new report published by A-N, by Dany Louise, finds that few individual artists apply for funding in their own right from UK Arts Councils and even fewer are successful.

The Prison Arts Directory

The Prison Arts Directory is cataloguing prison arts programmes around the world, organising and documenting existing resources, and will be providing a space for dialogue and greater networking across the sector.

How to…promote mental wellbeing

This resource has been designed for people and agencies wanting to actively promote and improve the mental wellbeing of their community.

This project has been led by the Public Mental Health Special Interest Group (SIG) of the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA) with part-funding from the Department of Health.

Commissioning for wellbeing and population mental health

A leadership briefing for the NHS, local government and the voluntary sector from the National Mental Health Development Unit.

Fundraising activity in arts, culture, heritage and sports organisations: A qualitative study

A research report produced through the DCMS CASE programme on fundraising activity in the cultural sectors.