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In this section you will find all the research, guidelines, data and resources that we have included in the LAHF newsletter. You can filter these by type of resource, or by theme using the tags on the right hand side of this page.

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The Arts, Health & Ageing in America 2005-2015

A Gerontologist review of progress made over a decade in the consideration of the arts as part of care for the ageing.

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Optimising music use in hospitals

A report from Bridgepoint Active Healthcare (Canada).

The overarching purpose of this study is to explore how music can be optimized in complex care environments, supporting improved quality of life and outcomes for patients with multiple chronic conditions. 

DCMS Longitudinal Report: Taking Part

Taking Part is a household survey in England which looks at participation in the cultural and sport sector. The Taking Part survey has run since 2005 and is the key evidence source for DCMS. The survey is now in its tenth year and was commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in partnership with Arts Council England, Historic England, and Sport England.

Measuring wellbeing handbook (New Economics Foundation)

A short handbook on measuring well-being from the Centre for Wellbeing at the New Economics Foundation – designed primarily for voluntary organisations and community groups delivering projects and services, to help them kick-start the process of measuring wellbeing outcomes.

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Culture and inequality report

A new report has highlighted the connection between access to culture and social inequality. It also acknowledges the ways in which established patterns in arts development and production can contribute to maintaining social inequality.

International impacts of performing arts

The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts has published an evidence review of the impacts of performing arts on society.

The review assesses the range of different research methodologies in assessing the impact of this work.

Arts and vulnerable people

A new research paper from Lemos & Crane looks at the impact of arts engagement on vulnerable people.

Baring analyses its impacts

The Baring Foundation has published a document detailing its funding of arts and older people activity over the past five years.

Getting On details the Foundation’s efforts “to increase the quality and quantity of the arts for older people, especially vulnerable older people”

Impacts of music in early years

The London Early Years Music Network has published an evidence review exploring the impacts of music on young children’s physical, mental and psychological development.

Salisbury Hospital arts review

The University of Winchester has published a research-based evaluation of the impact of Salisbury Hospital’s arts programme on its participants: the patients (with a main focus on older people), the hospital staff and the artists.

Winston Churchill reports

Among the reports recently published by fellows on the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website include several exploring the role of the arts in supporting older people’s care.

Fellows whose travel and research covered older people’s care include Filipa Pereira Stubbs and Olwen Minford.

Research on comics and health

Researcher Sarah McNichol has published research into the impact of comics in supporting people with health conditions.

The research used interviews with people with health conditions to see how educational comics could be evaluated to ensure that their impact on patients’/relatives’ feelings and attitudes is considered, in addition to factual recall.

Research links creative jobs to wellbeing

A new report by charity NESTA has found people in creative occupations report higher levels of subjective wellbeing.

Refreshed guidance on artists’ pay

a-n The Artists Information Company has published research into the context of its guidance on pay levels for freelance artists.

The research demonstrates the rates for artists pay recommendations and sets the recommended levels for UK artists in an international context, supporting the argument for the pay levels the organisation recommends.

Heritage link to quality of life

New research indicates a strong link between heritage activities and individual and community wellbeing.

Conducted by Britain Thinks on behalf of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the research found that: