Yorkshire Film Archive Memory Bank

Memory Bank is a new resource for use in reminiscence therapy and life story work. It uses archive film spanning six decades, which has been selected and edited along familiar themes, to help connect the past to the present and bring memories back to life.

Memory Bank has been developed by the Yorkshire Film Archive, working in conjunction with healthcare professionals, older people, carers and families. Its creation, development and final production are the result of over two years of action research, critical review against Care Quality Control standards, and professional evaluation.

Reminiscence plays an important role for people affected by memory disorders. It helps people regain a sense of self, beyond their illness or infirmity. Memory Bank’s archive film footage is a great way of bringing these experiences alive and of sharing rediscovered memories.

All Memory Bank films have been specially chosen to stimulate and prompt shared memories. The films can be purchased in the form of DVD resource packs, or films can be selected and downloaded individually from the website.

For more information visit
w:  www.memory-bank.org/