Whole-person Care: from rhetoric to reality (Achieving parity between mental and physical health)

A new paper published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists based on work led by Professor Sue Bailey, President of the Royal College, and drafted by Lucy Thorpe, Head of Policy, and Greg Smith, Policy Analyst, at The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

In our society, mental health does not receive the same attention as physical health. People with mental health problems frequently experience stigma and discrimination, not only in the wider community but also from services. This is exemplified in part by lower treatment rates for mental health conditions and an underfunding of mental healthcare relative to the scale and impact of mental health problems.

There is an ambition for the NHS to put mental health on a par with physical health. However, the concept of parity in this context is not always well understood. In this report, an expert working group defines ‘parity of esteem’ in detail, and examines why parity between mental and physical health does not currently exist and how it might be achieved in practice.

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