Supervision and Support - A collation of questions, finding and resources from LAHF

On September 18th 2018 London Arts in Health Forum hosted a discussion event to explore the need for support for artists own health and wellbeing when they are delivering arts and health activity.

An increasing number of artists, working in a variety of artforms are working directly with people experiencing significant ill health, both physical and mental. Significant research has investigated the positive impact of this work on patients and participants, not least the report of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health and Wellbeing report Creative Health - published last year. However, less has been considered about the impact this work might have on the artists themselves. Often working alone, artists can be confronted by challenging and emotionally demanding situations and often lack a structure of support either informal or formal.

This event brought together a panel of artists, researchers and therapists to address this question and explore what might help artists working in health and care to avoid burnout, stress and emotional trauma.