RSPH SIG Research Corner December 2018

Each month the Arts in Health Special Interest Group at the RSPH curates a short collection of recent peer-reviewed papers that may be useful for practitioners and researchers working in this area. Where possible we try to link to open-source papers that anyone can read, without needing university access.

Cultural engagement reduces the risk of depression
Attending the theatre, concerts, opera, museums, galleries and exhibitions reduces the risk of developing depression in older age by nearly half, even when accounting for how healthy and wealthy people are.
How museums support wellbeing
Museums support wellbeing through acting as a positive enabler, supporting an individual’s journey, providing relational processes and situating all this within a an interacting social context.
Gardening has wide-ranging benefits for health
A meta-analysis of 76 studies has shown benefits of gardening for anger, anxiety, BMI, confusion, depression, fatigue, general health, life satisfction, mood, physical activity, self-esteem, stress and vigor.
Arts engagement associated with healthy living
People who engage with the arts are more likely to lead healthy lives, including eating healthily, staying physically active and having positive mental wellbeing, independent of socio-economic status and social capital.
Hip hop for homeless

Group music can be used as a vehicle for engaging homeless adults with severe mental illness and can have socio-emotional benefits.