Restarting Britain 2: Design and Public Services

Over eight months the Design Commission took evidence from leaders across the public, private and design sectors on where design is already contributing to public services and how more can be done. The resulting report calls upon government to tackle the dual challenges of making public services better and more cost-effective by putting design at the heart of service development and delivery.
The inquiry was supported by the Design Council, Capita and the AHRC.

The report makes three broad recommendations which outline a vision for design in the public sector.
1. Leadership
Leaders in central and local government have an important role in promoting awareness of design practice as central to policy making and public service development.
2. Design capacity in government
In order to be more design-competent the public sector should embed basic design skills as well as an understanding of where they would benefit from professional design input.
3. Capacity in the design sector
Designers need to both understand the benefits and necessary limitations and context of working with the public sector, and up-skill in social, service, and organisational design issues.