Research report: The role of the modern curator in hospital

A research report by Dr Hilary Moss of the National Centre for Arts & Health, Eire, and funded by the Meath Foundation.

'Curation comes from the Latin root curare to take care of. In healthcare the curator/arts manager needs to take care of artworks that others do not value and to take care of patients’ quality of life by making a wide variety of arts experiences available to patients. As a curator in hospitals it is easy to become institutionalised, to accept the limitations and conservatism of the sector. Creative thinkers and artists are needed to turn the ‘norm’ upside down, to comment on the everyday such as long waiting times or patients on trolleys ...

Hospital curation can be a vibrant arena for arts and the role of the hospital curator is, overall, a ground breaking, specialist role that can bring benefits to hospital life. The role of curator or arts manager in hospital deserves to be supported and developed by both the arts and health sectors.'

Read the full report as an attachment here.