Research report recommends music in care

A new national report from Live Music Now and the University of Winchester recommends suggests that live music is 'essential' to all UK care homes. The report presents evidence on the benefits of music to people living and working in care, and provides practical guidance about how music can be introduced affordably and sustainably.

The report concludes that
1. Participating and delivering a music intervention to residents in care homes can provide positive social experiences as well as creative engagement, fun and a sense of achievement.
2. Musicians can play an important role in nurturing the wellbeing of elderly people in care.
3. Regular music making can enhance the working and living environment for care home residents and staff.
4. Music interventions can play a crucial role in awakening a sense of identity and empowerment for care home residents, facilitated by musicians and care teams working together.
5. Strategic planning at the outset establishes an essential structure and definition of tasks that provides a framework for the music programme.

See the attached press release and short report

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