Public health commissioning in the NHS from 2013

The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) and the Department of Health have published their detailed agreement showing how the NHS CB will drive improvements in the health of England’s population through its commissioning of certain public health services.

The agreement sets out the outcomes to be achieved in exercising these public health functions and provides ring fenced funding for the NHS CB to commission public health services.

The services commissioned as part of this agreement are those where there is, for example, alignment with national clinical pathways and added value of central commissioning.
The services included in the agreement are:
  national immunisation programmes
  national routine screening programmes (non-cancer)
  national routine cancer screening programmes
  children’s public health services from pregnancy to age 5
  child health information systems
  public health services for people in prison and other places of detention
  sexual assault referral centres

The agreement provides the NHS CB with £1.8bn from the public health budget for these programmes, in addition to other funding provided for public health in primary care.