New Model Visual Arts Institutions and Social Engagement

Lynn Froggett, Alastair Roy, Robert Little, Leah Whitaker

“This study asks how socially engaged visual arts practice can change individuals and communities – or: what are the ingredients of transformation through the arts. Four intensive organisational case studies characterise and compare distinctive approaches to socially engaged practice. Artangel (London), CCA (Glasgow), FACT (Liverpool) and Grizedale (Cumbria) were chosen because of their significance in this emergent field and the ways in which they combine local embeddedness with international resonance. Particularly striking are the ways these institutions are re-imagining civic action and forging partnerships with communities and other sectors, showing that the arts can be a key connector, point of provocation or tool of individual and community self-development. Each of them offers particular insights into the opportunities and pitfalls of socially engaged practice from episodic events to open-ended and immersive processes.”

Funded by Arts Council England North West, The Gulbenkian Foundation, Northern Rock Foundation