On Music and Dementia

While the Music Lasts is a new book by Rineke Smilde, Kate Page and Peter Alheit exploring the interaction between music and dementia.

The book is the result of a research programme examining Wigmore Hall’s pioneering programme Music for Life, working with people living with dementia and the people who care for them. It tells the stories of people who have been working closely together: three musicians, eight people living with dementia and five members of care staff, a staff development worker and three scientific observers.

“The study addresses the interests and concerns of the growing number of people engaged in some way with the challenge of dementia – musicians, music students, health care professionals, volunteers and family members. Its depth of insight and range of examples also helps to inform policy makers and qualitative researchers, as well as illuminate the changing role of the artist in health care settings.” John Gilhooly, Director of Wigmore Hall.

w: http://www.wigmore-hall.org.uk/learning/in-the-community/music-for-life