Lennox Castle Stories 1936-2002

Lennox Castle Stories is an online collection of memories and stories, told by the ex-residents and hospital staff of Lennox Castle Hospital in the form of creative images, videos and text.

This social history project was led by a group of ex-residents of Lennox Castle Hospital. Lennox Castle Hospital was a large institution on the outskirts of Glasgow built to house people with learning disabilities. Originally built in 1936 to house 1200 people; at its peak in the 1970’s it housed almost 1700.

Throughout the 1990’s a phased closure of the hospital was carried out and a planned resettlement of the residents implemented.

Securing funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund the arts organisation Project Ability and supported living organisation C-Change have formed a partnership to support people who lived in Lennox Castle Hospital to share their stories.

The project has generated a website, film and book.

w: www.lennoxcastlestories.co.uk/