Is this the best it can be? Toolkit from ArtWorks Scotland

A new toolkit for anyone delivering arts and creative learning through collaborative or participatory projects and programmes. The ideas and approaches have been developed through collaborative engagement with artists, professionals from other sectors and participants working in this area.

The toolkit is made up of a guidance document and a set of downloadable tools. It will ideally be used from the start of a project, but the questions can provoke reflection at any point in a project or programme.

The core of the toolkit is a set of prompt questions to help consider what is important and what can be improved. "Rather than defining or limiting an understanding of what good work is, it encourages a culture of dialogue, reflection and continuous improvement".

The toolkit is designed to be adapted for each context, partnership and participant group and can be used:

  • to develop a project or proposal
  • within a project or programme from start to finish
  • to sense-check what is important as a project proceeds
  • within an evaluation or review for a project or programme

The toolkit can help you to:

  • explore and agree the nature of a collaboration
  • support curiosity, questioning and being positively critical
  • encourage reflection and give breadth and depth to discussions
  • recognise where good practice exists and celebrate it
  • promote a true sense of partnership between artists, partners and participants gather qualitative information about the project

Read more and download the toolkit here