Audiences London publishes Area Profile Reports

A wealth of socio-demographic data and information on levels of arts attendance about the population of Great Britain in handy reports specific to your area. A quick and cheap way of understanding catchment areas and identifying and understanding target areas.

An Area Profile Report provides a wealth of socio-demographic information about the population living within any defined area at postcode sector level in the context of reported levels of arts attendance. Data is taken from the Target Group Index (TGI) national omnibus survey.

The information includes a range of population demographics (age, ethnicity, social grade etc), geo-demographics using Acorn as well as estimates on internet usage, newspaper readership and arts and museum attendance among the population. The report provides information for each postcode sector that falls within the defined area, as well as giving an overview of the entire area and an index for each characteristic.

What can you use it for?
  * Understanding organisational performance against potential
  * Identifying hot-spots
  * Understanding cold-spots
  * Targeting to post-code sector level
  * Selecting promotional/advertising media
What does it cost?
ACE National Portfolio Organisations can receive up to three free reports per year.
Local Authority arts development departments can receive up to five free reports per year. For each additional report the cost is £25.