Art Lift evaluation

The evaluation of the Art Lift project by the University of Gloucestershire is now available. Art Lift is a primary care based art intervention where health professionals refer patients for a ten week art programme, usually delivered in a primary care setting. Patients are referred for a range of reasons (to reduce stress, anxiety or depression; to improve self esteem or confidence; to increase social networks; alleviate symptom of chronic pain or illness; distract from behaviour related health issues; improve overall wellbeing).

The ten week intervention involves art activities delivered by eight artists within GP surgeries, including working with words, ceramics, drawing, mosaic and painting.

Some of the headline results from the evaluation include:
• High attendance and completion rates when compared with other primary care based
health referral programmes such as exercise referral schemes.
• For those that completed, a significant improvement in wellbeing after ten weeks of art sessions.
• Successful recruitment of people from a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds
• Patients revealed self reported benefits with regard to increased confidence, distraction from illnesses and everyday life, enjoyment, a new interest, offering therapeutic value and providing social interaction and support.
• Referrers’ interviews confirmed that Art Lift is perceived as a valuable resource for
health professionals and felt it should be a commissioned service.