Age UK Wellbeing in Later Life Index

The Wellbeing in Later Life Index from Age UK and the University of Southampton is based on a survey of 15,000 people aged 60 and over. It highlights taking part in creative activities as the biggest influencing factor on wellbeing in later life.

The activities cited include dancing, playing a musical instrument, visiting museums, photography, singing, painting and writing.

More broadly, influential factors include:

  • having an open personality and being willing to try out new things;
  • being physically active;
  • having a good memory and thinking skills;
  • and a good social network and lots of warm relationships around you.

Age UK points out that the influence of creative activity could be ascribed to socio-economic factors “may be partly because older people who are fit and well, with an adequate income, a positive outlook on life, and possibly a good education too, are more likely to want to be able to get involved in activities like these, and more likely to be able to do so, than others who lack these advantages”.