“Mixing it Up: An Intergenerational Perspective”

New Work Network (NWN) and Artquest have launched a series of 5 short filmed dialogues between two artists / artist groups across different generations exploring how they sustain their practices.

The films consider similarities and differences between the contexts, modes and conditions of respective artistic practices from the late 60's to the present day, while also looking at approaches to sustaining practice over the years both from a practical and critical perspective.

The first film of the series is a dialogue between Ellie Harrison and Jordan McKenzie and the second which is also now available is between Robbie Lockwood and Stefan Szczelkun

8 May: Yoko Ishiguro with Fiona Templeton
14 May: Barby Asante with Sonia Boyce
21 May: Hunt & Darton with Richard Layzell

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