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In this section you will find all the research, guidelines, data and resources that we have included in the LAHF newsletter. You can filter these by type of resource, or by theme using the tags on the right hand side of this page.

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Pop for health education

A new paper on health and social marketing explores the potential for pop music to be harnessed as a health education tool.

The paper is one of a range of resources at

Cultural participation helps maintain health literacy

New research from University College London demonstrates that internet use and social engagement, particularly in cultural activities (eg, attending the cinema, art galleries, museums and the theatre), may help older adults to maintain health literacy during ageing.

Transforming Education Through the Arts

New Australian research shows that learning an instrument by 12 years of age can advance children’s literacy skills by up to a year compared to those who do not learn music.

Be Reflective

West Midlands Arts Health and Wellbeing has produced a tool aimed at helping experienced artists to develop strategies for achieving quality in arts and health projects.

Guidelines for arts and mental health projects

Country Arts in Australia has produced a set of guidelines to help arts and mental health workers looking to delivery creative activities.

Creating Health Collaborative

A group of leading health researchers and academics have joined together to produce a new report exploring potential ways in which healthcare provision could be developed.

Relax and Dream

Relax and Dream, is a new audio-visual wellbeing resource for children and adults in healthcare settings.

It features seven short films of different natural locations, for example, a sunset on the Cornish coast, being close-up to a waterfall, and lying in a summer meadow. The project can now be viewed and downloaded online at no cost (or by donation) via a newly launched website:

Meanings of wellbeing

‘The Wellbeing of Nations: Meaning, Motive and Measurement’ is a new publication exploring the challenges in assessing social wellbeing.

Understanding demand

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has published a paper focusing on the ‘demand side’ perspective of employers, commissioners and hirers of artists working in participatory settings.

Lancet – UCL Commission on Culture and Health

The Lancet has published the findings of a Commission designed to assess the role of culture in health, bringing together voices from different fields, including anthropologists, social scientists, and medics.

Artworks I like

A new study by Paintings in Hospitals and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art explores the artwork preferences of people on the autistic spectrum.

New Canadian studies

The latest issue of Hill Strategies' Arts Research Monitor includes three Canadian studies looking at different impacts of arts on health.

The studies include a Toronto report on neighbourhood-based community development through the arts, a Vancouver study of the arts and seniors’ wellbeing, and an overview of the potential impacts of documentary films on social change.

Narratives of Art Practice and Mental Wellbeing: Reparation and connection

Narratives of Art Practice and Mental Wellbeing by Olivia Sagan draws on extensive research carried out with mental health service users who are also practicing artists.

Bite Sized

Bite Sized is a new poem which utilises therapeutic writing to explore the experience of a mother with a child who has anorexia.

Created by Fiona Hamilton, the publication of the poem is the beginning of a project, which Fiona hopes to take into clinical and arts settings, to use story, words and movement to engage people with the challenges of eating disorders.

Applications of Drama

Birmingham’s Newman University has published a report looking at the different ways it is exploring the ways drama can be applied in health and wellbeing settings.