Research reveals positive effects of online creativity projects on wellbeing

64 Million Artists, the organisation behind The January Challenge, have revealed the clinical research results into their online creativity projects. 
In autumn 2018, 64 Million Artists used co-creation practices to produce Creativity in Mind, an online, creativity-based intervention aimed at improving mood and wellbeing. UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences researched the participants’ experiences using a mixed methods research design. Individuals experiencing low mood and anxiety took part in 30 days of simple creative challenges, sharing their work and reflections in a facilitated WhatsApp group. Participants' mental health symptoms and wellbeing were measured using clinical scales at key stages of the project.
The numerical data show a ‘clinically meaningful’ increase in participants’ wellbeing. Previous published evidence on face-to-face interventions involving art and creativity supports the positive findings from this research into an online intervention. The results acknowledge that further research is needed to ensure the potential benefits of online creativity-based interventions are fully understood.
The research results can be read in full here.