Report calls for new frameworks for therapeutic writing

A study into words for wellbeing has concluded that practitioners need new structures for training and supervision in order to work with vulnerable people. The two-year study, commissioned by Lapidus International, suggests that training opportunities are needed in the areas of safety, safeguarding and supervision.

In Creative Practices for Wellbeing – Practice Guidance, Professor Tony Wall of Chester University and Richard Axtell from Lapidus, argue that ‘transition spaces’ should be created to educate and raise awareness and reflection among practitioners. Professor Wall said: ‘There are gaps in knowledge that can be filled in a positive and gradual way. We can put structures in place such as CPD, supervision and recognition of skills and all this will build credibility among leaders of creative groups.’

Dr Clare Scott, Lapidus’s Chair during the research period, added: ‘The work has led to confirmation that we need to develop specific standards for professional understanding and investigate ways of enabling resilient, flexible practices, whilst also valuing the skills, knowledge and wisdom that members bring to the experience of using words for wellness.’

Read the report in full here.