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Music lessons and brain development

Researchers in Beijing have discovered a connection between music tuition and brain development. The research involved brain scans and noted that the brains of children who were taking music lessons developed cognitive function more rapidly than a control group.

Musical singing and dementia

A new study has found that patients with dementia who spend time singing songs from the musicals experience a boost in their cognitive function.

American programme for arts and health for the military

Americans for the Arts have issued a comprehensive publication exploring the ways in which the arts can support current and ex-servicemen and women. The publication, 'Arts, Health and Wellbeing Across the Military Continuum’ outlines the research that has thus far been undertaken into the impact of the arts on health problems like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. It also includes practical guidance for setting up arts activities with veterans and calls for changes in military policy to better integrate the arts into health and care for the services.

Australian arts and health policy framework

Australia’s Health Minister has formally endorsed the country’s National Arts and Health Framework. The endorsement follows the support received earlier this year by the Cultural Minister and means that the arts and health sector has now received state, territory and federal backing. The Australian Institute for Creative Health which supported and coordinated the development of the framework celebrated the formal endorsement. The Institute’s Chairman, Michael Brogan, said ““A national framework signals what we are trying to do in arts and health as a nation.

Design and Health call for papers – deadline 15 November 2013

The International Academy for Design & Health  has issued a call for papers for the 10th Design & Health World Congress & Exhibition in Toronto, Canada in July 2014. Researchers and practitioners from around the world are invited to submit 400 word abstracts by 15 November, 2013 for selection by the Academy's scientific committee on the following topics:

Art and vascular dementia

A paper published in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences, has examined the impact of vascular dementia on artists and non artists and assessed the role that artistic training may have on slowing the impact of cognitive impairment. The study by Dr.

Bringing the Arts to Life

The American Global Alliance for Arts and Health has published a new online resource aimed at giving examples of arts engagement with communities of older people in the USA and also offering guidance to artists seeking to work in this area.

Museums on Call

The American Alliance of Museums has published a recent snapshot of the ways in which museums have been working to address the health needs of local communities.

Healing Communities Through the Arts 2013 Conference Proceedings

Presentations from the Global Alliance for Arts & Health's 24th Annual International Conference which took place in April 2013 are now available to download.


Executive Director, Global Alliance for Arts & Health, Washington, DC – deadline 1 June 2013

The Global Alliance for Arts & Health (formerly Society for the Arts in Healthcare), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Washington, DC, seeks an Executive Director to work in partnership with an actively engaged board and professional staff members to provide innovative leadership, vision, and direction for a rapidly growing international organisation.


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