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Evaluation of senior participative arts

A new publication looking at the cost benefits of the Californian "Community of Voices” programme has been published.

Australian National Arts and Health Framework

Health and arts ministers in Australia have joined forces to publish the country’s national Arts and Health Framework.

Call for papers for Australia conference

The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing, the 6th Annual Australian Arts and Health Conference will be taking place in Melbourne this November. It has issued a call for papers presenting best practice and innovative arts and health programs, effective health promotion and prevention campaigns, methods of project evaluation and scientific research.

Qualitative research into the impact of the arts on health

Australian researchers have published a new piece of qualitative research into the links between the arts and health. The detailed research, while limited in scope, concluded that the arts have the potential to assist in the promotion of health and healing.

Canadian connection between the arts and wellbeing

The Arts and Individual Well-Being in Canada is an analysis of the links between Canadians’ cultural activities and their personal wellbeing. The report shows a strong connection between 18 cultural activities and eight indicators of health and wellbeing. Analysis of population data revealed that art gallery visits and music and theatre attendance are associated with better health, higher rates of volunteering and strong satisfaction with life.

Arts in medicine for global communities - 2-12 June 2014

The University of Florida is staging the first annual Arts in Healthcare for Global Communities Intensive at Makerere University, Kampala this June. The aim is to provide professionals and students in the health sciences, arts, and public health with a comprehensive introductory experience of how the arts can enhance healthcare and public health in global communities. Arts in Medicine leaders from Makerere University and the University of Florida will present lectures and workshops, and participants will engage in hands-on mentored service-learning work in local hospitals and communities.

Social inclusion and museums – deadline 14 March 2014

The Second International Congress on Education and Accessibility will examine the ways in which museums can address issues of social inclusion – particularly around health and therapeutic interventions. The congress will take place in Zaragoza, Spain and the call for papers is out now.


Policies for Wellbeing

A new book, Interventions and Policies to Enhance Well-being by Professor Felicia Huppert and Professor Cary Cooper has just been published in the UK by Wiley Blackwell, and is about to be published in the US and elsewhere.

Therapeutic music video interventions

Research published in the American Journal of Cancer has found that young people who had engaged in therapeutic music activities whilst undergoing cancer treatment fare better in terms of coping and social interaction.

International Design and Health awards – deadline 1 April 2014

The 10th International Design and Health Awards are inviting entries. Including an award for the Best Use of Art in the Patient Environment, the awards recognise excellence in research and practice from around the world. Awards will be unveiled at the World Congress in July in Toronto.



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