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New research database from the Center for Arts in Medicine, University of Florida

The new database is a curated listing of over 1,000 articles specifically related to arts and health. AIM would be pleased to receive articles to add to the database.

Bursary to document arts & health work, Ireland – deadline 6 May 2016

If you are involved in an arts and health project, and you would like to showcase your work to a larger audience, is inviting applications for a €4000 bursary to produce a short film, audio documentary or publication about an arts and health project.

Information meeting, Dublin – 10 March; Closing date – 6 May

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Exploring early-stage dementia through photography and storytelling

A report by researcher Alison Ward on her research in Denmark exploring the experiences of people with early stage dementia, through the means of photography and storytelling.

E.gress: a touring film focused on dementia, Sligo - 3 March–28 April

E.gress explores how individuals diagnosed with dementia find new ways to adjust to a changing world. Produced by artist Marie Brett and musician Kevin O’Shanahan following an intensive collaboration with the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland, the film is currently touring Ireland supported by an Arts Council Touring Award and will be exhibited at The Model, Sligo from 3 March – 28 April 2016.

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Kicking the Bucket seminar series, Limerick - 16 Feb–3 May

A thought-provoking seminar series over six evening sessions, focused on funeral practices and personal choices, and led by visual artist Sinead Dinneen and curator Katie Verling.

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The Art of Mentalizing – 22 - 24 October 2016

Submissions are invited for this New York conference bringing together people working in psychology to explore the role of arts in health.

The theme of the conference is “how we define and develop the clinical interventions required to produce sustainable change and the role of mentalizing in this process.”

Proposals are invited for:

New Research Ranks Wellbeing in the U.S.A.

New research into individual subjective wellbeing has pointed to an increase in wellbeing in America.

The report, from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®, shows trends including a decline in the number of people without healthcare, a decline in the overall smoking rate, and an increase in reported exercise which have led to increased wellbeing levels. Food and healthcare insecurity has also dropped to a seven-year low. The research ranks wellbeing levels state by state and shows the USA as having a high level of wellbeing compared to other nations.

Review of early childhood engagement in the arts

America’s National Endowment for the Arts has published a literature review of children’s early engagement with the arts which shows the strong relationship between this engagement and mental wellbeing through childhood. The review shows particular benefits for toddlers from families with low socioeconomic status, and children with autism or Asperger’s syndrome.

The review also highlights areas where additional research would be beneficial and shortcomings in the existing body of evidence.

New research shows link between arts engagement and mental wellbeing

Newly published research by the University of Western Australia has highlighted the positive link between participation in the arts and mental wellbeing. People who take part in the arts recreationally for two or more hours a week report significantly better mental wellbeing than the population as a whole.

The research, published in the BMC Public Health Journal suggests that the suitability of the arts as a population based strategy to influence the mental wellbeing of the general population should be investigated further.

November is Arts and Health Month!

A group of international organisations have joined forces to mark November as Arts and Health Month. Led by Arts Health Network Canada and The Australia Centre for Arts and Health the initiative is designed to bring attention internationally to the field of arts in health.


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