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Artist Residency – deadline 20 November 2015

Northern Ireland’s Arts Care is offering a tender for an Artist-In-Residence for the Northern Health and Social Care Trust based in Coleraine.

Arts Care is seeking the services of an inspiring and experienced Visual Artist to deliver an Artist-in-Residence Service two days per week (7.5 hours per day) on an annual-based contract in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust (based at the Causeway Hospital, Coleraine).

Engagement Fee:

An engagement fee of £11,200 will be paid.

£1m arts and older people scheme for NI

A new £1m scheme to fund arts activity to tackle the social exclusion of older people has been launched in Northern Ireland.  A mix of cross-government funding and support from the Baring Foundation has established the new Arts and Older People’s programme that will run for the next three years. The new Arts & Older People Programme (2013-2016) aims to support over 70-80 community-based projects across Northern Ireland with grants ranging from £10,000 - £30,000.  There will also be a focus on providing training for artists and health staff to increase their skills in essential areas su

Ambitions for the Arts: a Five Year Strategic Plan for the Arts published, Northern Ireland

Ambitions for the Arts: a Five Year Strategic Plan for the Arts in Northern Ireland 2013-2018 has been prepared as a successor to the outgoing five year strategy, Creative Connections (2007-2012) by The Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

It provides a statement of what developmental priorities, aims and objectives the Arts Council has set itself for the next five years. The plan explicitly recognises the importance of the arts to the health and vitality of communities and the importance of introducing arts interventions that deliver benefits in the health sector.

Arts Care 21st Anniversary International Arts in Health Conference, Belfast - 16-18 May

Arts Care is hosting an international arts in health conference to celebrate 21 years of sustaining a programme of creativity in healthcare in Northern Ireland. The conference will bring together some of the world's leading experts in the field of arts in health, with presentations, workshops, exhibitions and performances. The event will focus on how sustaining the arts in healthcare improves individual and community wellbeing.


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