Proposals invited for NOAH 2021 Conference – deadline 15 June 2021

NOAH is welcoming international submissions for presentations and interactive creative activities for the fifth annual national conference, The Art of Resilience. Created for artists, arts administrators, healthcare professionals, designers, educators, students and anyone with an interest in arts in health, the NOAH conference is designed to provide opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, gain applicable knowledge, build connections and energize developments for the future of the field.

NOAH’s mission is to “unite, advance, and serve the field of arts in health” in America while envisioning a future where “arts in health is an integral part of health and wellbeing”. NOAH endeavours to

  • demonstrate the valuable role of the arts in health and well-being
  • integrate the arts in the planning, design, and operation of healthcare facilities
  • advocate for arts programming within healthcare populations.

NOAH recognises colleagues around the globe and strives to provide an expansive conference experience. With that in mind they seek submissions that highlight programs, research and practices from other countries in addition to the US.

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