Profile highlights London’s health inequalities

The latest update of London’s poverty profile – an independent analysis of available data – indicates that the number of people living in poverty in London is significantly higher than the rest of the UK. 28% of Londoners are living in poverty as compared to 21% in the country as a whole; many of those living in poverty are from working families. Further to this, poverty in the outer London boroughs is on the rise. This is the fourth edition of the annual survey (which is carried out by New Policy Institute). Since the report began, health inequalities in London have generally improved with levels of teenage pregnancy and infant mortality decreasing. However, the proportion of children who are obese has risen dramatically and now stands at 23% in London. Long term health problems among working age adults show a clear east/west pattern with all ten boroughs with the greatest number of adults with long term health issues being in the East of the city.